Staffordsire Platter, srong blue, "To A wild Rose" design.

A lovely medium size platter, 12 3/4 inches wide by 16 inches long in strongest great condition. Only a tiny few utensil marks can barely be found holding it side ways in the light.  The platter dates about 1850, English Staffordshire guaranteed not a replica.    The price of $175 is well under market and includes priority mail and insurance.  Continental USA only on all of my items.  Personal check preferred. 
 These are in finest antique condition with no chips cracks or repairs. the light spots you see on the right side are reflections of light, not damage of any kind. Jack's mother taught me to run a forefinger around the edge of every plate I was interested in to catch something the eye sometimes overlooks. This is a good tip for all of us who buy antiques.  Old transfer printed pieces like this should also show the tripod marks denoting it was so stacked in a kiln.   e

Christmas ornament reference books

Here comes Christmas!  Ready or not. Those  of us who love the old ornaments are always ready and looking forward to getting up the trees early and leaving them long. 

Christmas ornaments a festive study by Margaret Schiffer
Many early Santas, Christmas scrap, cotton ornaments, wire wrapped and figurals as well as Dresden covered.

Christmas Collectibles by the Whitmeyers. This one does have a written inscription inside the front cover. Covers a broad range of ornaments as well as boots, fences, stands, paper items, very good reference in great color.

Small book the Joy of Christmas Collecting an older price guide useful for identification is included.

 Continental USA only on all of my items.  These three for  $25 which includes $ 11.  priority mail.  Clean pleasant books to add to your Christmas enjoyment.  e

priority mail.  Clean pleasant books to add to your Christmas enjoyment.  e

Covered wagon china doll SOLD THANK YOU

Here is the desirable brown eyed version on what may be her original body. I have owned her a time but never undressed her.  The German porcelain head doll is 20 3/4 inches tall.  The shoulders have been broken and reglued, the cracks do not extend to the head either front or back.    When she is dressed these issues are covered.  This doll appears in Doll News Magazine in my article about Linen head dolls, Winter issue 2014 page 62 as this type was used to form the American Linen heads.  She is a duplicate for me and I am downsizing my doll family little by little.      SOLD  Thank you, Edyth



Log Cabin Antique Crib quilt offfered

 This is a great textile to use for Christmas settings. Your dolls and toys will love being placed by it all year long.  The condition is strong but not perfect, as it is a 19th century piece which was used gently. In particular the binding is slightly worn and I have darned one weak place by the binding about  1 inch.  The lovely old fabrics are machine and hand pieced, and the quilting is hand done.  The binding was attached neatly by tiny machine stitching which is not prominent.

Click on each picture to enlarge it.

 I love small quilts in the backs of my doll cases but have downsized the number of glass cases now. 

Size: 37 x 38 inches

Price $105 includes priority shipping.
You may return it promptly if not pleased.    Continental USA only on all of my items.

To purchase the quilt please send payment by personal check or by paypal. Please be sure to give me your correct shipping address. 

Because of the uniform wear on the binding and the presence of border on two sides I believe this to have always been a crib quilt, not just a piece cut from a larger one.  e

Wax over papier mache bug eyed pumpkinhead doll

This 28 inch almost 29, German made wax doll was bought as a head only, very nice and clean but with much of her shoulder missing. She has a little scuff on her nose, but her original wax is in fine condition.  I have given her a replaced body and my Husband Jack made the wooden hands and feet.  She is a pretty example of her type, dating to about 1860.  This doll is wearing an exceptional dress.  If you do not want the brown dress, take off $150 and I will be happy to keep it.    $300 includes shipping for her.

Blue Staffordshire plate.

This vintage blue transfer print plate measures 10 1/4 inches across. It is English, unmarked, and has tripod firing marks on the reverse side.  I know it is not an 1830's plate, but is somewhere between then and now, I would guess 1890's when many were still made. Maybe you know something I do not about it?!! Price $15 plus $10 to send it.   Thanks for reading my blogs.

Rugs for My Red Cape

$15 via Paypal
The book Rugs for My Red Cape is now offered in pdf electronic file form. You may download the book to your computer to read it there as a single or double page spread. Purchasers of the PDF book may print any and all pages from your computer for your personal use. Please respect copyright.

By clicking the buttons below you will be able to purchase it with a Paypal account. After purchasing a download link will be emailed to you. I would love your feedback to me on this as it is a first digital venture of this type! email to

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Pockets and Rollups for My Red Cape

The original soft cover book with full size patterns is available in limited quantities for $15, including priority mailing. You may send $15 by paypal to Sorry, Continental USA only. Thank you. Cover above, sample page below:

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